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Mobile Catering Units In London

Jolly's Catering provides and manages mobile catering units to locations all over London

Mobile Catering Units London

Mobile Catering Units

We provide and manage Canteens for Construction Sites all over London

Mobile catering units are the solution when smaller construction sites cannot accommodate catering services in their welfare units. These units are fitted to a very high standard with commercial catering equipment.

Mobile Catering Units London
Mobile Catering Units London - Jolly's Catering

As we do on our ‘on-site’ kitchens, the correct food management system is employed in our mobile catering units also maintaining high standards of health and safety. Adequately trained staff in these units create a tasty and nutritious meals to feed a workforce of up to 800 people.

Depending on requirements of the client, we can provide mobile units that vary in size and capacity.

Mobile Catering Units - Jolly's Catering