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On-site Construction Canteen

We provide and manage canteen for construction sites all over London

Onsite Catering

On-site Construction Canteen Catering

We provide and manage Canteens for Construction Sites all over London

Our construction site kitchens are fully fitted with new and commercial catering equipment designed to handle the high output nature of large scale construction site accommodating between a 500 to 2000 people workforce.

Jolly's Catering
Construction Site Canteen Services - Jolly's Catering

Our kitchens are adequately staffed with highly trained chefs and front of house personnel. We always employ the use of the correct food management system in line with the Food Safety guidelines and manage our high standards through due diligence towards health and safety.

We also staff our kitchens locally in order to comply with ‘Section 106’ of the Considerate Construction Scheme and work closely with construction companies to make sure we are contributing to their local sourcing targets.

Construction Site Canteen - Jolly's Catering
Construction Site Canteen services for construction sites

We know how valuable time is for our customers.  We use Qmatic - Queue Management Systems on all of our canteens as this helps us to improve the customer service we provide.  The system allows us to control the queues efficiently and save time for our customers by removing the need to queue up for their food.